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The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan
Official Social Media Community Guidelines

This page lists the community guidelines for social media operated by The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel” or the “Company”) such as the official Instagram account, Twitter account, Facebook account, Line account, etc. (collectively referred to as “Official Social Media Accounts”).

By engaging with our Official Social Media Accounts, you agree to the community guidelines listed below.

About the Community Guidelines

The Hotel’s Official Social Media Accounts operate as a place to share information about our property. Thus, we have established these Community Guidelines to foster better communication with our customers.

Terms of Use

All users engaging with our Official Social Media Accounts are required to agree to our Terms of Use and these Community Guidelines.

Account Management

We will do our best to respond from our Official Social Media Accounts during weekdays from 9:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., excluding weekends, holidays (such as Golden Week and year-end/New Year holidays), and special business days set by the Company.

Please note that we may be unable to reply to all the posts we receive. For inquiries that require a reply from us, please contact us using this form.

At any time, our Official Social Media Accounts may be terminated, and this page may be deleted without notice.

Additional Considerations

  • The Hotel is not responsible for any content posted by other users.
  • The Hotel is not liable for any damages caused by disputes between users or between a user and a third party.
  • Content posted may not adequately represent our official views. Official statements from the Hotel will be shared on our website and through news releases.
  • The Hotel cannot always guarantee the accuracy of claims made on Official Social Media Accounts.
  • As a general rule, copyrights belong to the user who posted the content; however, by posting, users agree to grant the Hotel the right to use their content for free and non-exclusively in Japan and overseas (including reproduction, retouching, excerption, publication, translation, etc.). In addition, you agree that you will not exercise said copyrights against the Hotel.
  • For portraits and other images depicting people, it is the responsibility of the photographer to obtain consent of the subject(s) before posting.
  • The Hotel cannot be held liable if the images posted by other users are the intellectual property of a third party.
  • Any personal information acquired by the Hotel will be handled appropriately in accordance with our privacy regulations.

Restrictions and Criteria for Deletion

To improve communication on our Official Social Media Accounts, posts may be deleted and/or users may be blocked if the content:

  • is against the law or may be harmful to the general public.
  • contains misleading information or falsely impersonates another person.
  • hinders meaningful, constructive discussion.
  • discriminates against or defames a third party.
  • infringes upon the privacy or human rights of others.
  • contains spam.
  • infringes upon the copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of this Hotel or a third party.
  • references political activities, election activities, or religious activities.
  • is commercial in nature, such as advertising one’s own product, store, or company.
  • encourages criminal activity.
  • is deemed obscene or offensive.
  • defames the reputation and credibility of the Hotel.
  • discloses or reproduces personal information (such as email address, residential address, telephone number, and other private details) to other users or third parties without the prior consent of the Hotel and the individual concerned.
  • disrupts or damages Hotel business operations by means of viruses, hacking, etc.
  • is deemed inappropriate by the Hotel while operating Official Social Media Accounts.
  • violates the terms of use established by each social media platform.

How Information is Handled

The Hotel may save and disclose a record outlining the behavior, actions, and information of its users in the following cases:

  • when required by law.
  • when it is necessary to protect human life, well-being, or property.
  • when it is necessary to improve public health or healthy childhood development.
  • when it is necessary for a national agency, local government, or a designated individual to execute affairs stipulated by law and obtaining consent of the user would hinder the performance of such duties.
  • when the Hotel determines that it is necessary to respond to a complaint that infringes upon the rights of a third party.

Regarding Guideline Changes

The Hotel may change these Community Guidelines at any time without notice.

Governing Law/Jurisdiction

These Community Guidelines are governed by the Japanese legal system. In the event of a dispute between a user and the Company, the Osaka District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the conflict.

"The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan" Social Media Usage Guidelines For Employees

"The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan" Social Media Usage Guidelines below are intended for employees of the Hotel (executives, full-time and part-time employees, contract employees, temporary workers, and outsourced employees) when participating in social media (including social networking platforms, blogs, forums, etc.) for personal purposes.

  1. Awareness and responsibility when sharing information via social media
    1. The Internet is an open place and employees must acknowledge that information sent through the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users.
    2. Employees should be fully aware that information they share can have a considerable impact.
    3. When disseminating information, employees will comply with the laws and regulations established by the Company.
    4. Employees should understand that information is subject to change after the time of transmission.
    5. Employees are responsible for any content they share.
  2. Social media conduct
    1. When interacting with other users, be open to listening and learning.
    2. When sharing information or responding to others, be careful not to mislead the reader.
    3. Information about customers and business partners will not be sent without permission.
    4. Content that includes personal information will not be shared without permission.
    5. Once information is published online, understand that it cannot be completely erased.
    6. When discussing opinions, refrain from making emotional or disrespectful counterarguments.
    7. Employees are expected to fulfill their duties during working hours.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations
    1. Employees of the Hotel will not defame third parties, infringe on the copyrights of third parties, infringe on portrait rights, or commit any other acts that would infringe on the rights of others.
    2. When quoting content from an article or other third party, the source and quoted sections must be clearly stated.
    3. If it is necessary to clarify that you are an employee of the Hotel, you must clearly indicate that the content being shared is not necessarily an official statement or a reflection of the Company’s views. This declaration must be readily visible, such as in the profile section. For example: Please note that the content posted here is based on my personal opinion and does not represent the company or division to which I belong.

A Note to Customers, Business Partners, and All Social Media Users

The information that our employees share via social media may not represent the Hotel’s official views. All statements by the Company will be published on our website.


The Hotel shall abide by our Confidentiality Agreement.


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