Safety Guidelines

Updated August 6, 2021

Providing a safe, clean environment has always been paramount to The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan. To further prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented additional measures to protect the health and wellbeing of guests and employees.

Our heart goes out to those who have been affected by the coronavirus and we deeply appreciate your continued support of The Park Front Hotel during these challenging times. We look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

Latest Updates

  • We created a video showcasing the COVID-19 countermeasures in place at our hotel. Click here to view it (in Japanese).
  • In a workshop led by the Professional Nurses for Infection Prevention and Control (PNIPC), our staff received professional training on the importance of wearing face masks and how to sanitize properly.
  • The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan is officially recognized by Osaka prefecture as a hotel complying with all necessary guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19,
Japanese sticker with 2 cartoon characters declaring the hotel follows all coronavirus guidelines.
The hotel's infection control declaration seal

Entry Regulations

  • At this time, only hotel guests and customers of our restaurant, Akala, are allowed on property.
  • A staff member may ask to confirm your reservation upon entering the hotel.
  • If you are not feeling well or have a temperature of 37.5°C / 99.5°F and above, we kindly ask that you refrain from visiting The Park Front Hotel.

Public Spaces

  • All high-touch areas (including elevator buttons, door handles, ballpoint pens, and cash trays) will be disinfected regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been set up throughout the property for your convenience.
  • Ventilation has been increased throughout enclosed areas, such as the lobby.
  • We have removed lounge furniture from the lobby to create more space and minimize overcrowding.
  • Designated associates will be stationed in the elevator hall on the lobby floor to manage congestion.
  • At this time, parking is limited to hotel guests and restaurant customers only.
Hand sanitizer station
Sanitizer dispensers for disinfecting your hands

Employee Protocols

  • These guidelines were established in accordance with employee training conducted by Infectious Disease Control specialists.
  • Employees are required to wear face coverings while at work and during the commute between the hotel and their home.
  • Upon arrival, all employees and vendors will undergo a wellness screening, which includes temperature checks and a brief health evaluation.
  • Staff members must gargle and wash their hands before and during their shift.
  • All high-touch surfaces in employee-only areas, such as elevator buttons and lavatory handles, will be disinfected regularly.
  • Employees are discouraged from attending nonessential business trips or meetings.
  • To maintain proper social distancing among staff, we have adopted a more flexible work schedule.
  • Employees with a fever or other changes in their physical health are advised to stay home for 14 days until symptoms subside.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be upheld in the employee cafeteria and conversations during mealtime are prohibited.
  • Staff members are discouraged from gathering in large groups outside of work.

Visitor Protocols

  • Upon check-in, guests will be subject to a wellness screening, which includes temperature checks using an infrared thermometer, a brief health evaluation, and a review of your recent travel history. If deemed necessary, we may move guests to a separate counter for check-in.
  • Visitors must disinfect their hands and wear face coverings while in the hotel.
  • Luggage can be stored in the coin lockers on the 2nd floor before check-in and check-out (for a refundable fee of ¥100).
  • If you start to feel sick after checking in, please notify a staff member.
  • After leaving the property, you may need to show your room key in order to re-enter the hotel.
  • We ask that guests manage their own trash within the hotel room until check-out. If you are staying for multiple nights, we will clear the trash as part of our room cleaning service.
  • Guests are expected to cooperate with the Osaka COVID-19 Tracing System.
  • Remember to avoid the 3 Cs to help reduce the spread:
    • Closed spaces with poor ventilation
    • Crowded areas
    • Close contact with others, including close-range conversations.
Infrared thermometer

Guest Services

  • Acrylic screens have been installed at the front desk as an extra safeguard.
  • Wearing a face shield is recommended in the lobby.
  • The luxury check-in counter may be closed in certain situations.
  • Upon request, we can provide disposable gloves and cotton swaps (for pressing elevator buttons).
  • Pens and cash trays at the front desk will be thoroughly disinfected after each use.
  • Assistance to your guest room (including luggage service) is suspended until further notice. Should you need to store luggage before check-in or after check-out, the 2nd floor coin lockers are available for use.
  • We have enhanced guest room cleaning procedures with extra attention being paid towards disinfecting high-touch areas such as door handles, light switches, and remote controls.
  • Glasses have been replaced with disposable paper cups in the bathroom.
  • To minimize risk, memo pads and pens have been removed from guest rooms for the time being.
  • If items need to be brought up to your room, we will leave them at the door and notify you by knocking.
  • For those booking our Special Occasion plan, please note that we are no longer providing candles with the celebratory cake.
  • Concentrated disinfectant spray has been added as a guest amenity (provided at check-in).
  • Our Time Travel Concierge kids service has been suspended until further notice.


  • Diners will be subject to a temperature check using a contactless thermometer at the entrance of the restaurant. Entry may or may not be allowed depending on the results.
  • Lunch service is suspended, but we are open for breakfast and dinner. Our breakfast buffet has reopened as of July 16, 2021.
  • Acrylic screens have been installed at the cash register and at all tables as an extra safeguard.
  • Service workers are required to wear face coverings and rubber gloves.
  • Disposable gloves are available to customers upon request.
  • Pens, cash trays, menus, tables, and chairs will be disinfected after each use.
  • The layout of the restaurant has been revised based on social distancing guidelines, and we are restricting the total number of guests allowed in the restaurant at a time to 50% of our maximum capacity.
  • A carbon dioxide meter has been installed.
Carbon dioxide meter on a table showing 435.
Carbon dioxide concentration meter

Acrylic screens on table tops at the restaurant
Acrylic divider at the tables