Our Commitment to SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals
Our Commitment to SDGs


“Eco-Friendly for Our Earth, Our Cities and Our People”

With the goal of creating a more sustainable environment, we've committed to six vital eco-friendly initiatives that are in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are aimed at improving our society.

Environmental Initiatives in Our Common Areas

Global Vaccine Donations For Children

Our plastic bottle cap collection system helps contribute to children's vaccination efforts around the world.

LED Lighting

We utilize LED lighting in our lobbies, public spaces, guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, and offices.

Water Conservation

Automated hand washing sinks have been installed in the common areas for both guests and staff, as well as in the kitchen, to conserve water.

Going Paperless

We've digitized all internal documents to reduce and minimize the use of paper.

Environmental Initiatives in Our Guest Rooms

The "Green Coin" Program

Guests who choose not to use certain amenities (such as disposable toothbrushes and razors) can turn in their "Green Coins" to our coin collection stand at the front desk. The number of coins accumulated over time will be donated to a fund that contributes to environmental conservation activities.

The "Green Card" Program

When guests opt out of cleaning services or bed linen changes for a consecutive number of nights during their stay, a portion of the linen expenses will be donated to a fund that contributes to environmental conservation activities.

Reducing Plastic Amenities

The amenities we offer are now made out of environmentally friendly materials.

Removal of Plastic Bottles

To further reduce the amount of plastic we use, all plastic water bottles that were previously provided in our guest rooms have been replaced with water dispensers.

Environmental Initiatives for Food & Beverage

Eliminating Plastic Straws

In its place, we've introduced a biomass alternative to minimize our plastic consumption.

Replacing Plastic Cutlery in Takeout Orders

We've switched to wooden cutlery instead.

Supporting Local Agriculture

Our delicious menu sources ingredients from Osaka and its neighboring regions.

Addressing Food Waste

As part of our involvement with the NO-FOODLOSS PROJECT, a national campaign by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we've minimized food waste by reducing the surplus at our hotel buffets and providing alternative menu options.


Safety and Security Initiatives

Ensuring Emergency Preparedness

We have our own dedicated fire department team and conduct monthly emergency disaster drills to prepare for a variety of situations.
Additionally, we participate in joint drills and attend educational sessions led by the local fire department every six months.

Routine Food Safety Inspections

Our kitchens undergo monthly sanitation inspections, and we regularly provide feedback to enhance food safety practices.

Community Initiatives

Sales Donation Plan

Our hotel collects a portion of the accommodation fee and contributes an equal or greater amount to various relief funds.

Halloween Zero Waste Project

On the morning following Halloween, hotel staff and even guests work together to clean up the area around the hotel.

Community Bike and Trash Cleanup

Together with neighboring businesses and the rest of the Shimaya/Konohana district, we participate in joint monthly cleanup efforts, such as clearing abandoned bicycles in front of the train station and picking up trash.

Initiatives to Create a Better Workplace

Supporting Parental Leave

An important objective of ours is to cultivate a workplace environment where our employees can comfortably balance their work responsibilities with their childcare needs.

Promoting Diversity in the Workforce

As of July 2023, our team proudly comprises of staff members from four different countries: Korea, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Employee Well-being and Satisfaction

We conduct annual health checkups, employee satisfaction surveys, and stress assessments to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our staff.